Always Wondering
"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace"
-Jimi Hendrix
Always Wondering
"The truth about Zoloft;
it makes you lose weight
but your heart will still feel heavy.
Zoloft makes you shit a lot to be quite honest
but it’s always over as soon as it starts.
The truth about Zoloft is
it doesn’t help you become happy
it just blocks out the sad
until you’re in a different world where emotions don’t touch you.
You want to eat, because you feel weak
but you just have no appetite,
and when you do manage to eat something
even your favorite food will make you nauseous.
The truth about Zoloft can be found at 3 A.M. when you wake up after finally getting to sleep an hour ago,
when you sweat uncontrollably
and wake up again at 5.
The truth about Zoloft is that your day never really starts and it never really ends.
The truth about Zoloft is it’s a lot like you,
it has all these hidden side affects,
it tries to help but ultimately there is no difference.
The truth about Zoloft;
you can take as much as you want
but at 3 A.M. when you can’t sleep,
and you’re trying so hard to forget her name, and the way she smelt nuzzled up into your arms,
Zoloft won’t let you."

I fucking hate zoloft

"Trust the vibes you get, energy doesn’t lie."
(via wolf-cub)


Malcolm Liepke

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